Behind the Scenes of a Shelter Pet!

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Rescue dogs come from a variety of situations; abandonment, abused, starving, from, high kill shelters to name some of the reasons. Some have never known a kind hand, Most were born on the street, never knowing the inside of a home..Living on the street creates a number of problems: overpopulation, skin issues, STD’s, This is a major problem, PR has an estimated 800,000 street dogs(satos).

Donations for the Rescue will be accepted.

About Patty Bonfanti

After volunteering at a local animal shelter for a couple of years, I wanted to do more. I was fortunate enough to meet another volunteer who felt the same as me. Together we decided we would travel to PR and help where we could. During that time we met many rescuers who rescue satos (street dogs). I saw the rescuers’ commitment to these animals and I felt I too had that commitment. For the last three (3) years we have traveled to PR using our own funds. Kristie and I have assisted in spay/neuter clinics, rescued, bathed, vetted, bought supplies, have spoken at a seminar on how to raise funds for their rescues, educate people about the need for spay/neutering and the importance of vaccines.

My love for these animals just grows. As a result, we are taking it a step further. We have started our own rescue. If we can help even one dog, we have made a difference. They need our help. The goal for all rescuers is to one day not to have to send their dogs to other places for a better life, but until that happens, we are going to rescue and find the best possible homes for these special dogs.

We will be traveling to locations in the US to meet other rescues, who are saving and placing dogs from other parts of the country and beyond. These animals need our help and we all have the ability to do something.



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June 25, 2020 6:30 pm
June 25, 2020 8:00 pm
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